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Zedsen partners with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to clinically validate its novel non-invasive sensing technology

Posted on: 10 January 2024

LONDON, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Zedsen Limited is pleased to announce its partnership with leading university hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, in its first clinical research study to validate its technology.

Zedsen's novel non-invasive sensing device, the Z-Scanner, is able to measure the electrical properties of objects placed within its electric field. The study, commencing in January 2024, aims to validate the same in humans within oncological care. Extensive clinical and academic research has shown that the electrical properties of malignant tissue is markedly different when compared to healthy tissue and this study is aimed at validating these claims.

The clinical research study is titled "An Investigation into Dielectric Assessment of Permittivity of Cancer in Human Using a Novel Electrical Capacitance Tomography Scanner," or "DiCECT" and comprises 90 participants at Charing Cross Hospital. The study is split into 2 parts, with Part A recruiting 20 participants to assess whether the Z-Scanner results can be repeated and reproduced by different users and devices. Part B will recruit 70 participants to assess whether the Z-Scanner can differentiate between benign and cancerous lesion.

"This is a hugely exciting time for Zedsen, commencing the clinical research study is a major milestone for the company and for the team. We will be eagerly anticipating the outcome of the study and being one step closer to bringing our revolutionary technology to market." Michael Lynch, CEO

Zedsen have engaged with leading experts in the field of oncology and radiology to help incept the research study, one of whom is acting as Principal Investigator for the study.

"I am very excited about the prospect of this technology. Should it perform as well as we hope it will, it could be a gamechanger in oncological diagnostics." Professor Adrian Lim, Consultant Radiologist

The study commences in January 2024 and is due to run until December 2024 at Charing Cross Hospital.


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