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Micro Chip

Zedsen’s proprietary, non-invasive sensor aims to change the current paradigm of health and oncological care for the better. We are committed to addressing the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s “Triple Aim'' for optimising healthcare systems, by enhancing the quality of care, improving the health of the overall patient population, and decreasing the cost of healthcare per capita.



  1. Transforming clinical care by placing diagnostic tools upstream and alongside secondary care, and ultimately in the hands of patients, to monitor changes over time.

  2. Removing up to 80% of the benign and non-cancerous cases from the care pathway, freeing up clinical time and resources for those most in need.

  3. Significantly improving patient outcomes through early detection, screening, and monitoring; resulting in comprehensive care pathways.

  4. Democratising and increasing access to healthcare globally, through technology that is low-cost and portable.

By doing so, the financial burden and psychological distress associated with the current care system will be significantly reduced. 

Zedsen’s sensors are safe, non-invasive, low-cost, flexible, and ultra-thin. 

At less than 1mm thick, Zedsen’s sensors can be produced on a range of substrates. The possible sizes and shapes of the sensor are varied, making it highly conducive to contouring the body for accurate analysis.


The sensors are simple and safe to use, reducing the need for trained expert operators and reducing user error.



The Team

Our team comprises eminent engineers, radical thinkers, world-class scientists, visionary creatives, talented entrepreneurs - and sometimes people who are all of these at once. Together we push the boundaries of the possible.


Extraordinary journeys take extraordinary people


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