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Increasing and improving access to healthcare for the global community

By harnessing the power of world-class sensing technology, powered by advanced, bespoke algorithms, our mission is to develop non-invasive, affordable and portable medical devices that produce clinically actionable results.


Signal OneActionable results

Early accurate screening with quantitative results powered by advanced, bespoke algorithms, operable by all health staff.

Signal TwoDe-centralising healthcare

Our scanner’s non-invasive, affordable and portable design will make it uniquely suitable as a diagnostic tool to be used in GP and community clinic settings.

Signal ThreeEarly diagnosis

Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women globally - with 1 in 8 diagnosed during their lifetime. There is a 98% chance of recovery if cancer is detected and treated early. Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT), the Z-Scanner's underlying technology, will be capable of analysing dense tissue, which enables better care for women of colour and younger women.


Zedsen has developed novel world class algorithms ​

We are changing the paradigm of healthcare and are pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible by harnessing the power of our advanced, bespoke algorithms in conjunction with our world-class sensing technology.

We have developed novel world class algorithms ​that provide quantifiable results at a fraction of the cost.




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